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On Electronic Dice Rolling

Have no fear! We here at Nat20s abide by Hackmaster Basic's restrictions against electronic dice rolls. Indeed, every time a roll is called for, an email is fired off to our overseas office, where a sweatshop of 8-12 year old children earn $1.17/hour rolling dice and emailing back the results. In fact, any lag or page delays you run into on this site are most assuredly NOT the result of lazy programming, but rather the inevitable delay that will take place as the child painstakingly rolls the appropriate die and reports the result.

Hackmaster Basic Tools

Free HMB mini-adventure

KenzerCo has released a free mini-adventure for Hackmaster Basic, available here.
Note: There seems to be a problem downloading it through their store, so use the alternate download link on that page.

Have your own files, tools, or game aids for Hackmaster Basic?

I'll be happy to host them here for you. Just drop me an email with whatever files you want me to host and the way you'd like the credit for it to appear on the site. Also, make sure that it's something the good folks at Kenzer & Company have no problems with sharing on the internet!

Have questions about Hackmaster Basic?

Head on over to the KenzerCo Hackmaster Basic Forums and the friendly people there will be glad to help you out!

CS_Snapple's old HM4 campaign

See the old HM4 campaign site here.
KenzerCo link HMA link KODT link
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